Supported Applications

BiDi Mail UI supports Thunderbird v2.x-3.x and Seamonkey Mail&News 1.x-2.x (previous versions of BiDi Mail UI supported earlier versions of Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite). It has been successfully tested under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux+X.Org. It is most likely, though we can't guarantee it, to work fine with other versions and operating systems.

Current release version: 0.9.7

Note: Mozilla Suite and Seamonkey 1.x support are not actively maintained at the moment.

Download the appropriate XPI for your application (but don't just click the Thunderbird button if you're viewing this site with Firefox...):

Toolkitized Seamonkey (2.x)/Suite

Installation of the previous BiDi Browser UI

Users of old versions of Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Netscape may be interested in the previous (browser-oriented) extension:

The Old Browser Extension (version 0.3.7)

There is no need to install this extension in newer browser since its functionality is now built in. It is usually much preferred to install a new browser than to install this extension in an old one.