About BiDi Mail UI

BiDi-aware mail client software should be capable of displaying mail messages using their intended direction. This functionality is especially important in the case of plain text messages, as those do not explicitly specify direction. Similar direction control is required when composing new messages.

The BiDi Mail UI extension provide access to the inherent Bi-Directional capabilities in Mozilla Mail clients (the Mail&News component in the Mozilla suite and the separate client Thunderbird) - both for display and composition.


BiDi Mail UI was originally based on an old extension by Moofie, called HebMailPack. It was developed in order to fix Bug 119857. It has since been completely rewritten, with much functionality added and improved.


To ease code interchange, this extension is distributed under the terms of three licenses - MPL 1.1 , GPL 2.0 , LGPL 2.1 - at your pick.

Contact us

To report bugs, please use this site's Bugzilla bug reporting interface . You may email questions and suggestions to bidiui AT sent DOT com. Localization files for additional languages (e.g. Persian and Urdu) are most welcome.