Changing page direction

Plain text content is Left-to-Right and left aligned by default. A common case where this poses a problem are plain text Hebrew emails displayed in the browser. Such emails are displayed as Left-to-Right and left aligned, thus breaking word order and punctuation.

To solve this problem, right click the page and choose Switch Page Direction. The same command is also available under the View menu.

Changing textarea direction

Unlike the page-oriented control which is mostly useful when reading content, the textarea control is useful when writing in forms. This is commonly needed when composing a Right-to-Left email in webmail service that only provides Left-to-Right interface (most of the major services such as Hotmail and Yahoo suffer from this limitation).

To change the direction of a textarea or a single line input field, right click it and choose Switch Text Direction. Alternatively you may use the same command under the Edit menu or press Ctrl+Shift+E (Cmd+Shift+E on Mac OS X).